Current Members

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John and Amy Adams

Joe and Jennifer Andrassy

Rod and Kathy Armstrong

Karen Baer

Dan and Stacey Bainbridge

Rob and Kay Baker

Alex and Cassie Baldwin

Brian Banas

Kimberly Barker

Brett and Mica Bartels

Lorn Batten

Larry and Barb Behrman

Tony and Christie Bell

Keith Berlan

Julie Bockbrader

Fred and Valerie Bonacci

John and Tammi Boris

Brian and Ann Borthwick

Betty Bradshaw

Tom and Tierney Bratten

Eric Browne

Sam and Diane Bunnell

Lisa Burnham

Coach Camp

Rosemary Cannon

Randy Carlson

Mark and Renee Cartwright

Scott and Amy Casenhiser

Kathy Chadsey

Matt Chadsey

Chuck and Teri Clark

Dave and Pat Close

Bryan Cole

Peter and Kemberly Cook

Thane and Faith Cook

Tony and Karen Crasi

Norma Crawley

Rick Crawley

Dan and Michelle Dame

Aaron DeBord

Thomas and Jacqueline DeCheco

Joe and Jeannie Denton

Kim and Ray DiSanto

Stephen and Sue Donahue

Brian Dougherty

Steve Dressman

Peter and Lisa Dunlap

Todd and Julianne Dye

Justin Eastwood and

Christina Gabele

Jennifer Edwards

Kelley and J.Ted Engle

Craig and Cheryl Evans

Pam Fair

Craig and Karen Feldman

Cyle Feldman

Linda Fenwick

Juliann Ferrusquia

Chris and Staci Flasco

Ron Foster

Julie and Brian Fretag

Aaron Goodenow

Craig and Vicki Graham

Myron Gray

Doug and Christie Greenleaf

Jeanne Groetz-Shockling

Lynn Hamrich, MD

Tom Harrell

Marty Harrington

Richard and Jodi Haught

Megan Hayward

Allen and Marcel Heid

Phil and Lisa Herman

Joann Hijazi

Tricia Hodge

Adam and Pam Holtz

Scott and Keri Houck

Jon and Pam Hunt

Terry Jagger

Lisa Johnson-Bowers

Scott and Karen Keller

Selena Kim

Bart and Debra Kimble

Lisa Kirmeyer

Kerry and Michelle Kissner

Brenda and Ed Kline

Bob and Robyn Koch

Kelly Kortvejesi

Kyle Kosmala

Jim and Laurel Laber

Ben and Linda Laubach

Fred and Lorri Lindsay

Stacey Lynner

Robert and Lisa MacKay

Barbara Mancine

Chuck and Laura Marino

John and Marci Markley

George and Kimberly Markulis

Ken and Nancy Marquette

Don and Jeanne McBurney

Jim and Kathy McCleary

Brian McCombs

Gary and Sharon McMaster

Tracie McNutt

Pete and Barb Mellinger

John and Kathy Mihelick

Erik Miller

Ray and Teresa Miranda

Tom and Julie Molnar

Christine Moncheck

Brian Monroe

Bret and Kim Moore

Mike Mouser

Bob and Julie Mundorf

Lina Mustafa

Will and Jeanne Neel

Ken and Kim Nixon


John and Marianne O’Verko

Jim and Linda Palmeri

Joyce Paradise

Tony Paradise

Mary Parr

Greg and Kristen Peeler

Van and Karen Perch

Joseph and Julie Petrecca

Bob Podges

Tim and Ann Pokelsek

Dave and Karen Powers

Matthew and Meghan Radigan

Rob and Maria Rayman

Dave Reinhart

David Renninger

Linda Rice

Jim and Danielle Richardson

Laurie Riddle

Scotte and Amy Rorabaugh

Arrye Rosser

Brad and Kelly Ruth

Jay and Amy Sabatini

James and Anna Samels

Jim and Becky Scelza

Richard and Amy Schilling

Tom and Tammy Sedor

Mike Sheehan

Steve and Christie Sheets

Richard and Kaylynn Sheppert

Erica Gill-Shotts

Brian and Cindy Skall

Melinda Skinner

Jen Sokira

Dennis and Janis Sommer

Mike and Renee Starkey

Len and Krista Stauffenger

John and Brenda Stein

Rob Stone

Neil Stuber

Allan and Debbie Stutz

Douglas and Elizabeth Terrill

Kelly and Lisa Toppin

Nicole Turner

Rich and Leigh Ann Turschak

Michael and Debbie Urban

Mike and Kristin Valente

Wade and Patti Vantrease

Michael Vivalo and

Rebecca Davey-Vivalo

Eric and Jenny Walls

Zoe Walsh

Eric and Lauran Weber

Jane Weisenburger

Paula Wisniewski

Virginia Wohlabaugh

Matt and Kim Zepp


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